Vergez Blanchard L'Indispensable Flat Knife. Handle + Blade

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Brand new Vergez Blanchard flat knife “L'Indispensable”: blade with brass scabbard/handle. Made in France.

It’s one of the most popular leatherworking tools. It consists of two parts: the blade and the handle. The handle is made of brass and has two screws. One screw is slightly upper than the other screw. These two screws are not lined. If the two screws are lined, it is not good for  gripping the blade. They are tightened opposite upper and down, that allows to hold the blade better.  They also can be easily unscrewed with any screwdriver or simply army knife.

The handle is made of a solid brass and has a very good construction for holding the blade. It has an asymmetrical design. It is flat on the right side and has a kind of angle on the left side. Also, there is a  spacing gap and a square hole all the way through handle for placing and holding the blade. The handle has a sign «L’indispensable» which means essential and «B-te S.G.D.G.»  sign which means it is patented without any protection. It means that someone can follow design, but the VB emphasize with this sign that they are the authors.

Because of its construction you can hold this knife as a pencil while cutting curved lines for patterns. Also it is easy to cut into corners with thin blade.

The blade is long and runs through the entire length of the handle and can be sharpen for a long time.


Brass scabbard/handle:

Length of brass scabbard - 140 mm (5.5”)

Width of brass scabbard - 16mm (0.6”)


Length of blade - 200 mm (7.9”)

Width of blade - 5 mm (0.2”)

Model: 3.1006FOUR
Brand:Vergez Blanchard
Weight (kg): 0.125
Dimensions (mm): L200; W16; H0


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